Ulla Buchner-Howard, DFA, CMP President, Experienced Consultant and Trainer

Corporate Consulting

Mediation     Conflict resolution    The multi cultural market place

Our varied professional Experience with multinational companies and the ability to speak English, German and French allow us to understand the business concerns of diverse industries in global settings in a very short period of time.

We help you to develop ongoing employee communication tools to enable you and your team to ensure awareness of the core values of your brand and to successfully handle conflicts and differences.

Possible Programs include our "Multicultural" Series:
  • Practical, implementable cultural intelligence skills for today's global environment
  • Designed and customized to address the rewards and challenges of selling and negotiating in a multicultural environment
  • Cutting-edge, up-to-date topics and examples to ensure relevance to global sales strategies and processes
  • A source of competitive advantage and "best practices" for refined and powerful communication and 'listening' skills
  • Facilitated by an experienced team of cross-cultural instructors with extensive experience in working with global organizations
  • The art in resolving cultural conflicts
Executives and executive teams we worked with include Mercedes-Benz, Deutsche Bank, Allianz and Bankers Trust.